Contributed by Ivonny from MARVELous Fighters


☆iOS Teleport: Beta (no jailbreak required) ☆

* PC (Windows/Mac)
* Marvel Tsum installed device (iOS)
* iTunes

Teleportation is working on these iOS versions:

* Try at your own risk
* In case something goes wrong, I will not be held responsible

Instructions Part 1 (iPhone):
1. Open Apple Map, type the destination you want to "teleport" to
2. Setting → iCloud → Turn off find my iPhone
3. Setting → Privacy → Turn off Location Services
4. iPhone space should have more than 5GB remaining
5. Turn off lockscreen

Instruction Part 2 (PC)
1. Back up iPhone via iTunes PC (unclick the "Encrypy iPhone backup")

2. Download and install iBackupBot (URL:
3. Open iBackupBot. 
- Make a copy of your backup by selecting Duplicate from the File menu
- Find iPhone/SystemFiles/HomeDomain/Library/Preferences and add or replace with the following file ( by selecting Import File(s) from Import menu
4. Select the modified backup and click Restore to device. Choose "Full Restore" on "Restore Options" and press OK
5. After message "Restore completed" appears, press OK

Instructions Part 3 (iPhone):
1. Setting → Privacy → Turn on Location Services

2. Open "Apple Map"and type the destination you want to teleport to
3. Tap location to open options and there should be Simulate Location option
4. Tap Simulate Location to teleport

P/S: Once you tap simulate location, you need to restart your phone if you need to use map for direct route.

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