Emergence conditions of large Tsum

Rare appearance in the 7 chain or more

Rare occurrence and large tsum dismiss 7 chain or more.

Probability of occirrence is said to be about 20 percent and in Disney tsum tsum is rumored the probability of about 50% in the 10 chain Pittashi. Coversely, 11 note, such as the occurrence probability equal to or greater than the chain falls.


Large tsum and relationship between the number of chain

The number of chain Incidence
6 or less Almost 0%
7-9 About 10 - 20%
10 About 50%
11 or more  Amost 0%


In Battle Mode

Opponent Tsum Recommended to use for Battle
Blast Type Power Type
Power Type Speed Type
Speed Type Blast Type


Tsum Recommended for Mission

Below is recommend some tsum to help clear the mission, if you have other better idea please feel free to comment. Thanks. 

How to get high scores

1) Try to use the skills in the mega charge

To take a high score, let's well take advantage of the mega charge. 
Trying to use the skills in its timing. Therefore +5 seconds and scoring three times during the mega charge rush! 
But to set the tsum with a high erasure skill of the skill level to Maitsumu, skill to invoke the right after mega charge termination 
can also be referred to plunge into mega charge in a row. So Let's decide the timing for use by the tsum and skills you have!

2) Try to use the time reduction technique of large chain
Because the longer the chain time to the chain disappears is it takes a few seconds, time waiting results in wasted. 
So when the chain uses a magical bomb at the timing is off, it will disappear tsum in a long time to immediately shorten the chain! 
And because the new tsum falls, without waste efficient and stretch the score in the mega charge!
3) Try to use the tsum clearing type skills

Chain Mission



The first links the chain that need to know the distance to lead the tsum each other a little. So this is get a sense within going to do or try a little also think not reach occasionally near among continue to like! There is also a discovery such as this can also be connected. As recommended method first here once you turn off the tsum! That it is necessary to grasp, such as. If it can, it has become possible to connect the tsum long chain be left not erase only specific tsum. 
It is difficult to use the tsum skills is recommended too! The tsum skills exists that has the skill to make is connecting the tsum. By using such a tsum create a simple long chain you can! Recommend tsum as following.

Tsum Name Recommended Point

Vision (B)

The tsum has a skill called "changing the molecular density of the body so as be connected all tsum each other" in a special skill, ultra-recommended for the chain, which can be reliably invoke the 20 chain even in a state of Lv.1 tsum !

The tsum would not be suffering from the chain mission if you have.


Spider-Man (S)

Early in the chain connecting the mission if it so the tsum one kind in the thread of the skill of the spider are collected 9-13 bodies in the draw on the screen can be cleared in the room.

But special skills is a pity that not a chain unfortunately erasing system

- Because it has the ability of distance UP in the combo, maybe distance is easy to earn if triggered abilities


Hulk (P)

Hulk of skill is what causes the large tsum, but large tsum is considered as a long chain if indelible + because it is one 5 tsum minute.

To generate a large tsum, you concatenate a lot in large tsum erase the other extra tsum!

Falcon (S)

Special skills thing that is a little between tsum call the Red Wing is two preeminent in the chain.

It recommended because the chain tends overwhelmingly connection by reducing the tsum into two types. (Available also easy)


Big Tsum Mission


Since the conditions for generating large to say that the capture method tsum has not been especially announced + large tsum generation skill retention is not only one character is pretty difficult mission. Hulk person mission ending frankly we have sure however it is want to guide for people those who do not have. First leading candidate Nanoha a large tsum incidence UP of items purchased in 1500 coin it is that challenge to! But to quite high, a little more you use the item anyway increase the amount of tsum coming down from above must be. In doing so the probability that come inevitably fell large tsum also goes up. So is the most favorite tsum of a spree erased in the reader will become a method that can be anyone ... This is such sorry not be able to tell the capture method, but continue to challenge the status quo breakthrough. Hope in the comments if you have, such as if a large tsum of occurrence conditions and capture method. Recommend tsum as following.

Tsum Name Recommended Point

Hulk (P)

Hulk of skills can be said because they are to generate a large tsum the best tsum to this mission!

Want to incidence of one to two in the all means Lv.2 because large tsum one to occur in the state of Lv.1!


Thor (P)

Characters that can be used for this mission as a sub! The leader has the ability to generate a single trigger large tsum at a certain probability when using the skill

Probability the initial level can not expect much so low at 5%. Peggy Carter be a good and skill rotation, such as is combined with fast tsum!


Coin Mission


Strategy of the coin acquisition mission is important to know the conditions to generate a coin.  It is to generate a coin connecting tsum four or more you need! When you play to be aware of here increases the nature and coin acquisition amount. And use tsum is "erasing system skills tsum is recommended to be use"! Examples Captain America , Iron Man , Spider-Man , such as erasing system is at once to extinguish in a state of connecting a large number of tsum, won a large number of coins you can! Also ability of coin earn is also recommended to use with a character! Recommended Star Lord ! It triggered at a certain probability that 12 or more chain. Up the medal count little between coin. Of having this ability is only this tsum now! The leader of this case, vision is recommended! Recommend tsum as following.

Tsum Name Recommended Point


Star Lord (B)

Optimal coin earning tsum to coin acquisition mission! Ability as described above will put in by all means sub If you have because it is the best.

12 because more than chain triggering conditions vision is excellent compatibility leader! Besides SpiderMan , Hulk , Falcon also recommended!


Vision (B)

Chain is very easy to tie tsum necessary to coin acquisition. After skills triggered increased the vision and turn off the tsum, also the chain tends together because disappear Zum around!

Thor (P)

- Thor special skill tornado-like tsum clear large amount of tsum, it's good to get more coins too.


Skill Mission


A lot to increase the skill trigger count to the tsum small number of required skills trigger a leader is ideal to use a skill. Also is the preferred Makikomeru skills their tsum skills. (To be connected to the next trigger.) And skill number of times mission is both normal skills and special skills become somewhat easier if both because to count keep up the skills Lv. Recommend tsum as following.

Tsum Name Recommended Point

Peggy Carter (S)

First of all recommendations of the reason, it is less necessary Zum number of skills to trigger.

And their Zum also Makikomeru thing in skill. Many times it is possible to use the skills, it can be said that the optimal Zum to this mission.



Bomb Mission


First, let's understand the bomb of occurrence conditions. They are produced one by erasing the tsum seven or more. So it is necessary to connect the tsum as much as possible of 7 or more, let's put out consciously. Also recommended to use the skills it is possible to generate easily bomb When you use the tsum who have the skills to generate a bomb! Recommend tsum as following.

Tsum Name Recommended Point

Black Widow (S)


Star Lord (B)



Mega Charge Mission


To generate the mega charge, so be turned off a lot of tsum becomes important. First leave pooled under without breaking the bomb. The score manner bomb is the preferred to use mega charge but by dividing the bomb that had saved in normal time, let transition to early mega charge! That is the idea. Guests can connect the tune as much as possible, the bomb made ​​of skills please look aside the bomb in such set aside to put up with. Also people who do not have to worry about, such as ★ of score is usually also personally recommend to use the skills and spare Charlottenburg skills at the time! Please certainly once trial is anyone who wants to proceed ahead to clear! Tsum or can create a bomb, easy to connect the chain tsum, I think that if such a good tsum erase system skills. Recommend tsum as following.

Tsum Name Recommended Point

Vision (B)

Skills, the special skills of both, because easy to make a bomb quite recommended! A lot with better skills Let make a bomb! (Consciousness to connect more than seven)

The tsum is tactfully Konase likely if other than the large tsum mission because it is universal. The nice thing is also to take an even score ★★★ without much conscious.


Hawkeye (S)

Hawkeye skills, easy to proceed to the mega-charge because it has an erase-based skills to special skills both

Also Hawkeye also also eyeing all means high score because it tsum that aim to score ★★★, mission also want to clear!


Captain America (P)

Above Hawkeye I Why did you choose the is almost the same. Easy to use in erasing system.

In addition, since tsum of the cap easy to see in the blue, a good place also easy to connect the tsum of leader.


Combo Mission


To earn the combo number decided was in time (3 seconds) you must connect the following tsum. And resulting in long too much chain would only have time while waiting for the disappear note. To prevent this is said to be bomb cancellation, and turn off the bomb in the chain will disappear in an instant! Reduce the wasteful waiting time by utilizing this, it is possible to earn a combo number. As much as possible when there is no bomb without creating a long chain, put out by three to four is recommended to go! Points to keep in mind after time that the combo is also lead while invoke the skills course that that is! Trying to note that there is a possibility that has expired precious combo and use the skills in the very strange timing! Leaving personally bomb likely to cut a combo! But it can be used in an emergency, such as missing that can erase. Also, there is a margin play while worrying about the combo number in the upper right corner please try to. Recommend tsum as following.

Tsum Name Recommended Point

Peggy Carter (S)

Try to use the skills at such time so would cut even aware so as not to Kirasa the combo number.

Since the Zum reason you chose can barrage because Zum requires less skill to activate.


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