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When you play the battle mode to fight the villain together, it can be performed Friend application after the end. 

Fellow who is often trying to always apply because there is a great advantage.



In Cooperation Battle

《Meet together bonus》
If there are people who play the "Cooperation Battle" for the first time over cord
Get the Orb and Iso-8 as a "Meet together bonus"!

Let keep prepared to cooperation battle invite friends!

1-5 person Orb x5
6-20 person Iso-8 <White> x1


Iso-8 <White> is level-up the special skills of tsum!

《Play bonus》
When you win at the friend and cooperation battle will earn "Play" meter


Win a friend in a corporation battle "Play" meter will accumulate.

When the "Play" meter is full play bonus offers!

Note: "Play" meter, it can be found in the friends list.

1st coin x2000
2nd   booster x1000
3rd coin x2000
4th booster x1000
5th Iso-8 <yellow>
6th coin x1000
7th booster x2000
8th coin x1000
9th booster x2000
10th Orb x1
11th and above Repeat from the 1st


  • Only can get up to 20 person to join the battle.
  • "Play" meter, it can be found in the friends list.


  • "Play" bonus you can earn up to once per day per friend.
  • "Play" meter will be reset at every day at 00:00.
  • Once your friend ready as host in Cooperation Battle, you need to click the top banner picture under the <Battle> then you can join the battle with your friend.


Feature of the Cooperation Battle

The movement of the enemy

The enemy, you have to attack by moving the player two screen alternately . 

When the battle side you can see the enemy on the screen and no enemy on your side, you will become a support side.

In addition, in the rush (mega charge) you can attack two people at the same time!


Attacking the enemy

1. Shed bomb and skill : You can attack the enemy with shed skills and bomb when enemy moved to a position can easy to hit.

2. Connect the last enemy of the chain : By connecting the last enemy of the chain, the attack is also possible. In addition, you can give a large damage when connecting the long chain of tsum.

3. During the rush mode (mega charge mode) : You will enter to rush mode (mega charge mode) when the bar accumulates during the battle. During the rush, you can damage the enemy just clear the tsums with you friend.


1. When there are no enemy on your screen, your HP will recovery when you clear tsums.

2. When no enemy on your screen, you can support the attack when send a bomb to your friend.


The enemy attack

The enemy will come to attack at every predetermined time. Basically it's going to attack directly using the skills. Such as the status down and disturbing effect, also different special attack.

Get a Bonus!

Finish bonus

In cooperation battle, players who gave the final blow to the enemy will be able to get a lot of reward!

Rack bonus

Rack ("good luck" that have been set for each tsums) and chanllenge to the battle in the high tsum, it may reward at the time of victory increases.

The higher the rack, the probability is high.

In the case of cooperation battle, you can earn the friend is acquired rack bonus also.

If tsum that at the time of tsum box purchase already possession has appeared, the value of the rack will increase.

Meeting together - "Play" bonus

When you play a cooperative battle, you can get a meeting together bonus and "Play" bonus!


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